The Platte Canyon School District Board of Education adopted the proposed Fiscal Year 2020 Budget and discussed school safety initiatives at its regularly-scheduled meeting Monday night.

The board also celebrated the accomplishments of two dedicated employees, as well as the recent exploits of the PCHS Yacht Club.

After unanimously approving the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget as it was presented, board member Jon DeStefano repeated his frustration voiced at the board’s previous meeting that salaries for administrators and others still need to be more competitive.

“I’m not happy with the two percent salary increase for administrators,” DeStafano said. “I don’t believe our employees are making as much as they should. Our budget is part of our values. Any time we have the opportunity to give our employees more, we should. We are close, but still not competitive.”

The budget allowed for a new bonus/incentive program for all district employees and offered raises across the board. Administrators received the smallest raises, at two percent of their current salaries. The board, after a considerably extensive examination of district compensation across the board, determined that administrators’ salaries were perhaps more competitive than other employee segments throughout the district.

“It was determined that administrators were earning more competitive salaries than others, so that’s why they got more of a cost of living type of raise,” board president Katie Spodyak explained.  

Spodyak also mentioned being excited about bonus incentives for all employees that had been provided for in the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget.

In other news, PCSD Superintendent Mike Schmidt opened his monthly report to the board by congratulating the PCHS Yacht Club for completing the SEVENTY48 Boat Race in Tacoma, Wash.

“Congratulations to the PCHS Yacht Club,” Schmidt said. “That was a great experience for the kids, and we are appreciative for the incredible support from staff. That project sort of caught fire and it was the type of thing we want to continue to support.”

Schmidt then transitioned to the business of school security, a topic that had drawn a number of public comments at a recent board meeting. Schmidt said he appreciated the public input and asserted that the district was continuing efforts to ensure the safety of students and staff while on campus.

Schmidt stated that the district would soon be requiring that all administrators complete two comprehensive training courses related to school safety, working on a new campus-wide reaction plan and installing more keyed entrances that allow for the tracking of those who enter on-campus sites. Schmidt also stated that he was working diligently to procure school resource officers to assist with security matters for the upcoming academic year.

 Finally, two district employees were honored for outstanding service. A rosewood box was presented to Judy Smith, an instruction specialist who recently retired from the district after 25 years of distinguished service.

Spodyak also made a special presentation to thank Lisa Murphy, secretary to the Board of Education, for her dedicated service to the PCSD Board of Education, its board members, students and staff members.

The PCSD Board of Education will not meet in July, but will resume monthly meetings Aug. 12.

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