James Kevin Aden

Murder suspect James Kevin Aden is still being held in the Park County Jail. Aden is to be charged with the murder of his brother, John Aden. The preliminary hearing was postponed until Sept. 8 at the request of Aden’s attorney. (Photo courtesy of the Park County Sheriff’s Office)

The case resulting from John Aden’s death in 2014 will resume with a preliminary hearing set for Sept. 8 at 9 a.m. in the 11th Judicial District Court in Fairplay.

The preliminary hearing for James Aden, the murder suspect and brother of the deceased, was originally set for May 14, but was reset for June 15 at the request of prosecuting attorney and chief district attorney Ashley McCuaig.

McCuaig requested more time to prepare with no objections from defense attorney Brian Dremmler.

But Monday, June 15, when all parties met before Judge Stephen A. Groome, it was Dremmler who requested more time to prepare and asked that the preliminary hearing be reset.

Upon Dremmler’s request, Judge Groom agreed to reset the preliminary hearing date back for a second time.

Dremmler is defending John Aden’s brother, James Kevin Aden, who is expected to be formally charged with his brother’s murder when the case resumes.

John Aden’s remains were discovered near Tarryall Reservoir in 2014. Forensic reconstruction and DNA samples were utilized by the Park County Coroner’s Office to determine the identity of the deceased, and tips eventually led to the arrest of James Kevin Aden, a resident of Iowa.

James Kevin Aden was transported from Iowa in early May to the Park County Jail, where he is still being held without bond.

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