Dave Mula, volunteer auctioneer, coaxes bids on Mountain Lion Carving held by Doris Kneuer while Knudt Knudten watches and John Rakowski checks item list. (Photo by Marianne Mogon/The Flume)

Saturday, Oct. 19, at Lake George Charter School, the gavel fell many times as volunteer auctioneer Dave Mula worked to sell the numerous items on sale for the annual auction of Pikes Peak Historical Society. The room was packed, bidding was fun and competitive and all but a few items were sold.

LGCS Student Council and the “Academy” (sixth to eighth grades) offered a pulled pork meal that sold out twice. The success of the auction is significant to PPHS and especially John Rakowski, president of the organization.

Approximately $9000 was netted from this auction, and the many items auctioned were donated from members and the communities around. There were generous monetary donations made as well.

“My goal when taking the presidency in 2015 was to pay off our mortgage of over $65,000, and we are now down to about $9,000,” explained Rakowski.

PPHS is a nonprofit organization which maintains two free museums in Florissant; the museum on Teller County Road 1 and the Schoolhouse Teacherage located at Teller County Road 31 and Wildhorn. PPHS also provides free educational programs throughout the year and other events, funded by membership dues and donations. Stay tuned for their upcoming events, including a visit with Roland McCook, great-grandson of Chief Ouray, in the spring.

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