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Some vendors have activities, such as this watermelon eating contest that was sponsored by the South Park Chamber of Commerce at Fairpay’s Fourth of July celebration last year. An activity can be helpful when you want to draw people to your booth, especially if your table is to raise awareness about a cause or an organization. (Photo by Lori Bennett/The Flume)

Ever thought of selling your handmade goods or other items? Park County is ripe with possibilities this summer, and at quite affordable rates.

Why be a  vendor?

There are many reasons to be a vendor at an event. Some are hard to quantify, such as promoting awareness of your organization or product. But other benefits include the opportunity to get information from your target market face-to-face. Being in person at a festival or market helps you get feedback from existing customers and event-goers that you might not have reached through other avenues. Get new customers. Enjoy being outside. Make new friends. Network with other vendors. Think of it as live, in person, social media.

Vendor tips

There are many websites that provide advice from experienced vendors on what works well. You can also visit events and take notes as to what type of booth caught your eye and what did not.

The website writes, “Presentation is everything! Your buyer’s first impression will many times make or break a sale.

“When setting up, think of the ways your booth will appear to passersby. You want to offer a wide array of items, in a wide range of price points, without overcrowding your table.”

Some experienced vendors use flat sheets to drape their table. Others use shelves, old suitcases, or wooden crates to display their items vertically.

If you are selling a wearable item, provide a mirror for your customer.

Don’t forget to put a price on everything, and remember to have fun. If you have fun, your customers will too.

Some vendor opportunities

Alma Saturday Market

This is a farmer’s market that takes place every Saturday in Alma from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., May 25 through  Oct. 5. Vendors can stay until 7 p.m. More information can be found on the “Alma Saturday Market” Facebook page or by calling or texting 719-322-5857, or email

Bailey Day

This popular event, taking place June 22, includes homemade food and beverage competition, rides and lots of booths. To become a vendor, contact Matt Dumbrowski, 303-829-4041, or visit

Festival in the Clouds - Alma

This is a music and outdoor art festival in the Town of Alma,  July 19 - 21. Typically there are at least 25 bands and 40 regional artists that participate. The event also hosts children’s activities, a beer garden and lots of dancing. For more information, visit

Park County Fair - Fairplay

This is a classic summer event, which takes place July 17 through 21, and gets lots of visitors. It includes 4-H events, such as rabbit, lamb and beef competitions, rodeos and carnival rides.

Hartsel Days

This event takes place Aug. 3 and 4, the first weekend of August every year. The cost is only $50 for a booth for both days, $10 extra for electricity. To reserve your space, email or call the South Park Mercantile at 719-838-2540.

When you email, you will receive an application which gives you a chance to describe the type of product, service or food you will be offering.

This is only a partial list of many events this summer. Pick up a copy of the free 2019 Summer in the Park for a complete listing. If you are a beginner vendor, you may want to try a small event before going big, like Burro Days. Or just jump in with both feet and enjoy the ride. (You may even want to volunteer for the dunking booth to give yourself a unique refreshing break).

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