Platte Canyon Little League season has begun. The majors and Platte Canyon  AAA minors already started. They beat Ken Caryl Storm 17-15.

The majors will be coached by Dave Scheck. The AAA minors are coached by Eric Smith. The AA minors will be coached by Shawn Flores, Steve Batzer, Preston Lyons, Tony Martinez and Chris Tichenell. There are three T-ball teams. They will be coached by Scott Ortega, Damon May and James Lassley.

The T-ball ages are 4-7 years old. A player age 5-6 who has played a year of T-ball may play coach pitch or machine pitch. Minors is 8-11 years old and majors is 10-12.

Platte Canyon AAA minors versus Ken Caryl Storm

First inning

Each team scored five runs in the first inning.

Second inning

It was 10-10 after the second inning as each team scored five more runs.

Third inning

The Storm took a 15-12 lead going to the final inning.

Fourth inning

Platte Canyon scored five runs, then held the Storm scoreless in the bottom of the fourth to win 17-15.

Braylon Spodyak, Ashlyn Smith, Luke Tamberline and Leo Batzer had a single apiece. Bryce Kool had a ground rule double, which went under the fence, so he had to stop at second. Kool and Max Ebaugh struck out two batters apiece.

 “We had great plays by our catchers, Ashlyn Smith and Leo Batzer,” Coach Eric Smith said.

“Strong defensive stand by PCLL to finish the fourth inning. After a hit to the left       of the pitchers’ mound, Max Ebaugh was able to field the ball and make a great throw  to first baseman Trent Smith who stepped on the base for the game winning out. A great four-inning team effort to win. It’s been neat to watch these kids grow up and learn a great skill.”

The PCLL AAA minors will have a game Friday, April 19, at Ken Caryl Bulldogs and Saturday, April 20, at Ken Caryl Rats. The PCLL majors will be at Ken Caryl Nesheim Tuesday, April 16. They will be at Ken Caryl Cobras Thursday, April 18, and at the Board majors Saturday, April 20. The PCLL AA minors will have their first game Friday, April 19. Their opponent was not known when this article went to press.

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