Let’s cheer

Jenasis Laird, Isabel Garcia, Emma Thorne, Brynn Anderson, Madylin Conwell, Danielle Clementson  (left to right) are the members who are already joined and going to practices. (Photo by Kylee Pemberton/The Flume)

Platte Canyon High School has not had a Cheer team in four years. This upcoming school year, there will be a new team led by Coach Elizabeth Conwell.

Conwell has coached Fitzsimmons Middle School Cheer in 2019-2020, creating a dance-type style for Cheer. She has had plenty of personal experience with dance starting when she was a kid. And for the past 10 years, Conwell taught tap, ballet, and dance fitness.

Conwell decided to teach high school Cheer as well as middle school Cheer as her daughter is an up-coming high schooler.

“I want to create a program where people can start Cheer in middle school to gain experience, then join high school Cheer with a smooth transition ready for State Competitions,” Elizabeth Conwell said.

Since there has not been a Cheer team in several years, the uniforms are outdated and materials were beaten down.

Maddy Conwell, Conwell’s daughter, started a Go Fund Me page where anyone can donate towards the team getting new uniforms and supplies. Right now, their goal is to raise $3,000.

“The team members and I talked to some businesses about sponsoring our team.”

“We’ve painted the boy’s bathroom at the high school for money as well,” Maddy Conwell said.

Members are already joining the Cheer team for non-mandatory practices and volunteering their time to spruce up the Dance Room at the high school.

“They are really putting forth effort. We re-painted the dance room and placed down new carpeting since the room hasn’t been utilized in years,” Conwell said.

The cheer members are committed to creating a team, even with the Health Department’s protocols. The team tries to have practices outside to avoid the spread of germs. Before using any materials, the members disinfect the area before and after use.

Mandatory practices started July 20. Experienced or inexperienced, all are welcome to join.

“You don’t need experience,” Conwell said. “It’s all about having fun. We can make you experienced since this is an all year long sport,” Conwell said.

Conwell also reassures anyone who plays multiple sports that Cheer practices revolve around the other sports teams’ schedules.

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