Fairplay’s Board of Trustees’ June 17 meeting was another packed house and with a busy agenda at the Town Hall. The meeting was preceded by a work session that began at 4:30 p.m.

Fairplay Police Department given green light

Fairplay Police Chief Marcus Woodward and Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw were in attendance at the meeting to provide information and answer questions regarding a request by Fairplay Police Department to join the Park County Sheriff’s Office and Park County Communications in upgrading their Records Management System.

Chief Woodward was contacted by Global Public Safety Sales Account Manager Mark Wooderson this past February regarding possibly “piggy backing” onto their system through the Park County Communications Center and the Sheriff’s Department.

The current system used by the FPD does not integrate with Global Safety software, nor does it link with the Colorado Crime Information Center database, which “deprives officers a valuable resource they had previously which saved time and provided necessary information during in-progress calls and investigations,” states Chief Woodward in a letter to the Town of Fairplay Board of Trustees dated June 17, 2019.

Part of the issue for FPD is that CCIC requires a two-step verification, which their current system does not allow for, thus leaving it inaccessible. Global Public Safety has also agreed to provide a data migration from the current system to theirs, while leaving the current system in place until the end of contract between FPD and and the current vendor, Crimestar RMS, which would be sometime in late 2020.

Because this proposal would be a “piggy-back,” a significant discount would be provided to the FPD, thus costing the town significantly less to migrate, while allowing the FPD, PCSO, and Park County Communications to constantly be on the same page with up-to-date information on possible prior interactions before arriving on a scene and fully accessible by the current Mobile Data Computers already placed inside police vehicles.

The board approved the funds to move forward with obtaining the agreement with Global Public Safety, in essence saving the Town of Fairplay approximately $10,000 by on-boarding in 2019 instead of waiting until 2020.

Public hearing

A public hearing was held regarding a request for a variance by Park County School District RE-2 regarding landscaping requirements in the Fairplay Unified Development Code, Section 16-11-60.

RE-2 had asked for a variance from the “strict interpretation of the town’s landscaping standards as they pertain to required (minimum) number of plantings within paved parking lots,” per the Town of Fairplay Staff Report.

The request for variance stems from the school district’s intent to surface the new overflow parking lot for the ball field complex with recycled road base aggregate materials, not asphalt paving. This material “produces less heat and surface runoff and is less obtrusive visually than a paved parking lot,” the school district contends.

The original plans reviewed by town staff noted that the intended parking lot would be surfaced with asphalt paving. The board was advised this was an error simply in wording; however, they are requesting the variance to ensure the project can continue.

The board approved the variance request, though not without public comment.

Two Fairplay residents, who live within the neighborhood where the excavation for the new complex is taking place, spoke with frustration at the lack of progress on the project and the unsightly piles of excavated dirt obstructing their views and creating a cloud of dust when the South Park winds roll through.

They also expressed their frustration at the lack of information being provided to homeowners in the area from the excavation and construction crews, let alone the school district.

As the public hearing came to a close, Mayor Frank Just implored the school district’s Representative Charles Schultz to address the residents’ concerns by keeping them informed of where the project stands as it progresses and what can and will be done about the excavated dirt currently within view of the neighborhood.

Resolution No. 14, Series of 2019, approved

A memorandum was adopted providing an agreement between the Town of Fairplay and Dale and Katherine Fitting for use by the town andthe Hand Hotel.

This would allow the town to use the balcony of the Hand Hotel for their sound system to announce town events, such as parades and Burro Days events. The hotel will also provide a shower/changing room for the burro racers.

In exchange, the town will include the Hand Hotel as a sponsor of events on event signage, social media announcements, any announcements to the public during the events, and marketing materials created and distributed by the town.

Resolution No. 15, Series of 2019, approved

The board approved an Enhanced Sales Tax Incentive Program agreement with Nicole McChesney for the Mountain Essentials Project.

Nicole McChesney has opened a boutique at 520 Front Street selling artisan items. This is considered a new retail business and the ESTIP allows for a five-year period of a 50/50 split of sales tax, not to exceed $20,000.

This program can provide town businesses with an opportunity to establish or expand retails sales generation, thus encouraging employment, growth and available goods by stimulating the economy.

Modification of premises -  Platte River Saloon

A request to modify the premises to extend the Platte River Saloon’s liquor license to include their backyard area was approved by the board, with modification.

The Platte River Saloon’s owner, Ellen Canchola, had made a request to the board in 2018; however, there were concerns from the board about fencing, noise levels for neighboring homes and businesses, and at what time the backyard area would close at night.

Canchola stated she was in the process of completing the fenced-in area of the backyard, as per prior board recommendations, that the backyard area would close promptly at 9 p.m. to coincide with the kitchen, and that the backyard area was able to lock off from guests at closing of the area.

The board approved the request to modify and extend the Platte River Saloon’s liquor license to include the backyard area with the caveat of it closing at 9 p.m., as the saloon is located next door to the Hand Hotel and noise is a concern for guests and residents.

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