Telluride, Colo. - At its July 18 and 19 meeting in Telluride, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission voted to:

Move forward proposed changes as part of the annual review of “Parks and Outdoor Recreation Lands,” “Passes, Permits and Registrations” and “General Provisions” regulations

Expand the Public Access Program by 100,000 acres in time for the fall 2019 hunting season. In August, CPW will announce the locations of new lands enrolled in the Public Access Program. The expansion is the first step in a multi-year effort to double the size of the Public Access Program from 480,000 acres to nearly one million acres. The expansion highlights CPW’s commitment to broadening outdoor recreation access to the public. This is one of Colorado Governor Jared Polis’s goals for CPW, as well as a commitment CPW has made to the public through the implementation of its Hunting, Fishing and Parks for Future Generations Act goals.

Approve 2019-2020 Snowmobile Capital Grants Funding

Uphold a three-year license suspension for violations while mountain lion hunting in an appeal by Matthew S. Horton

Deny a game damage claim by Tony Elkins

Approve a portion of staff’s proposed Big Game Season Structure Final

On Thursday, July 18, the CPW Commission:

Approved sticking with a 5-year season structure: 2020-2024 (instead of staff’s recommended 7-year plan, with the option to revisit later down the road.)

Approved staff recommendations on moose, pronghorn, bear, mountain lion and youth.

On Friday, July 19, the CPW Commission:

Approved a revised plan for the regular rifle deer and elk seasons with a longer break between the first and second season, making the second season nine days with two weekends. For 2020, the first season would run from Oct. 10-14, the second season from Oct. 24- Nov. 1, the third season from Nov. 7-13, and the fourth from Nov. 18-22.

Approved a deer and elk archery season with annual season dates of Sept. 2-30 and continued over-the-counter either-sex archery elk licenses available.

specified as OTC bull only and limited cow to meet management needs. The Commission asked staff to return in September with a list of proposed units that may change from either-sex units to bull or cow specified.

Voted to revisit early plains rifle deer season at its September meeting with further input from staff and the public.

The commission meets regularly and travels to communities around the state to facilitate public participation. Anyone can listen to commission meetings through the CPW website,

This opportunity keeps constituents informed about the development of regulations and how the commission works with Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff to manage the parks, wildlife and outdoor recreation programs administered by the agency. Find out more about the commission at

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