Ready for a fair

Debbie Solkore volunteers at the Information Fair drive-through for the Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon. Solkore is also a SAPC board member. (Photo by Mary Anne Wosoloski/The Flume)

Senior citizens living in the Platte Canyon area were treated to root beer floats and valuable resource information last week at a drive-through Information Fair held on Main Street in Bailey.

The drive-through was sponsored by the Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon (SAPC) who donned carhop shirts, bandanas and hats to celebrate the summer-themed event. County and state COVID safety requirements were maintained.

The SAPC volunteers wore masks and gloves as items were passed at arms length to outstretched hands from rolled-down car windows. Participants received reusable grocery totes that contained resource directories from SW Metro Denver, Park County and the Platte Canyon area.

Each bag also contained additional information flyers from county agencies and area non-profits and goodies such as hand sanitizer and snacks.

Attendees were able to “build their own” root beer floats from cans of root beer and individual ice cream cups, and eat them at nearby picnic tables or take home if they wished.

Thirty-nine seniors received information at the successful event and six additional bags of information were taken to their friends who could not attend.

Those who missed the Information Fair and would like resource information for senior citizens living in the Platte Canyon area, the Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon invite them to call the office at 720-385-8300 to schedule an appointment.

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