The Marge E. Hudak Pool’s most recent improvement will make a huge difference in the heating efficiency and temperature of the water.

A new boiler has been installed and is working well. Since 2018, Friends of the Pool and the Platte Canyon School District have been working toward improving energy efficiency and updating the equipment of the pool.

The pool is located at the east end of the high school complex. The general public, school children, the Pirannahs youth swim team, the high school swim teams and  senior citizens all use the pool, which is open Sunday through Friday.

The new 1.5 million BTU boiler was made possible by two Park County Conservation Trust Fund grants and many donations large and small from the Burland Homeowners Association; even a “Debi” in Chicago.

Reliant Mechanical Services from Denver was lead contractor for the install, after an exhaustive search for local talent, and their competent and honest work is much appreciated. We now have a boiler that is efficient and can heat the pool up three times faster to its customary 85F.

The Friends of the Pool Inc. will proceed with the next part of the upgrade, as its work is never done. Another similar-sized boiler is needed for the heating of the air and the water for showers. Then the next following upgrade will be the direct solar heating of the pool, which will eliminate the need for carbon fuel  for several months each year.

The Friends of the Pool needs new board members and helping hands in these projects. The pool has been part of our community since 1977 and serves more and more of our residents each year.

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