The June Guffey Community Charter School board of directors meeting was face-to-face, not online, the first since the February meeting. It was nice to see everyone and hear their comments, tone of voice and discussions.

The administrator monitoring reports brought up quite a bit of discussion about how the coronavirus affected and will affect the school. School Principal Martine Walker referred to this as a liminal, or threshold, time: a time of transition from how things were to some unknown, new normal.

This has been a lesson on how to get through a tough time and it was hard on the students, harder on some than others, said Walker. But the students came through and did the best they could under the circumstances, according to the monitoring reports. On average, the students did 80 percent-plus of their work from home. Some did lots and some, of course, did nothing.

Ninety-eight percent of the students surveyed and all the teachers said they wanted to be back in school. The school is planning on being open for the fall, whatever it takes, said Walker. A big part of school is being together and socializing.

The staff will be most affected by rules in the fall. Apparently kids don’t transmit the coronavirus, but they do have to be careful of bringing it home. Another concern is protecting the school from being sued, said Walker.

The teachers and Walker are going to come up with three plans for the fall. The school has to keep it manageable, but can’t keep school closed, stated Walker. The governor wants to get schools open. The school has to be prepared to continue teacher guidance and distance learning on a possible long-term basis. Walker realizes that distance learning could be part of the new normal.

The board liked what Walker wrote in the administrator monitoring reports and acknowledged receipt of them.

Right now, the community is out of the picture at the school and may not be a part of the school for some time to come, said Walker, so there were no community linkage items. Walker did say that she thought the drive-in graduation went well. The school building is still closed.

Secretary Chris Peterson handed out updated board members’ policy packets, making the index match the books. Everything on the website is good, he said.

Over the summer break Walker is planning on creating a new school policy for “Retention and Promotion of Students” with the guidance of the school’s attorney and the teachers.

A situation arose last month and Walker realized there was no school policy to cover it, nor has the district shared such a policy if they even have one. Hopefully the new policy will be in the 2020-21 student handbook.

The school’s emergency plan was created last summer under the guidance of the school’s past principal, school staff, former Park County undersheriff, local fire chief, school board president and secretary, and the teachers. All seems to be in order. Details of the plan are obviously confidential, not for the public.

In other matters, the board approved the agenda, May meeting minutes and the consent agenda. The board acknowledged receipt of the board self-monitoring reports. There will be no board meeting in July, and the August meeting will have no administrator monitoring reports

The board recessed at 5:51 for an executive session to discuss the administrator contract. All board documents are located on the schools website,

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