Incoming and outgoing royalty

Park County 4-H royalty for 2019 and 2020 pose during the Park County Fair, at the Fairgrounds in Fairplay. From left to right, Kaylee Hoch, 2020 Fair Queen; Ellie Woodward, 2019 Queen; Alice Zuber, 2020 Queen Attendent; Nisa Garcia, 2019 Queen Attendent; Isabel Garcia, 2020 Princess; Chloe Hock, 2019 Princess; Addison Schreuder, 2020 Junior Princess; Savannah Schreuder, 2019 Princess Attendant. (Photo by Kelly Kirkpatrick/The Flume)

It can be an emotional  experience when outgoing  Park County 4-H Royalty members hand their crowns over to incoming members. That might have been doubly true for outgoing royalty members Saturday night in Fairplay, as three of the girls had the unique privilege of passing crowns on to their little sisters.

 The coronation ceremony took place before a large audience in the reception tent at the Park County Fairgrounds.

Outgoing royalty included Ellie Woodward, Queen; Nisa Garcia, Queen Attendant; Chloe Hock, Princess and Savannah Schreuder, Princess Attendant.

Incoming royalty includes Kaylee Hoch (Queen), a junior at Conifer High School; Alice Zuber (Queen Attendant, homeschooled; Isabel Garcia (Princess), Platte Canyon High School freshman; and Addison Schreuder (Junior Princess), sixth-grader at West Jefferson Middle School.

Garcia, Schreuder and Hoch were all crowned by their older sisters.

“I think it was super cool that my sister crowned me,” said Kaylee Hoch. “I went with her a to attend events while she was royalty, so I feel like I sort of know what to expect.”

Isabel Garcia agreed.

“It was really amazing to be crowned by Nisa,” she said. “She’s the reason I wanted to do this.”

Zuber was not crowned by an older sister, but was thrilled to be chosen after three previous attempts fell short.

“I tried out three times for royalty but wasn’t selected,” Zuber revealed. “So obviously this feels really good, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

According to royalty coordinator Jennifer Adams, obtaining a royalty designation is no easy task.

“It is pretty competitive, and  this year we had eight girls apply for the four positions,” Adams said. “The girls are selected based on their ability to speak in public, how they handle themselves in impromptu interviews, poise, confidence, attire and overall personality.”

Once selected, the real work begins for royalty.

“All of these girls attend a clinic sponsored by the Colorado Association of Fairs in Colorado Springs, and most of them learn a lot from that experience,” Adams said. “Then after a year of serving as ambassadors for 4-H, and for Park County, you can see how they have grown and matured socially. It does require a commitment by the girls, but also requires a commitment from the girls’ families. Commitment and buy-in from the girls’ parents is vital to our success.”

Adams has served as coordinator for the group for the last four years.

“I have had the privilege to travel the state and represent the sport of rodeo, the agricultural industry, and most  of all, the Park County Fair,” said outgoing Queen, Woodward.

Woodward states that her responsibilities have equated to many late nights, early mornings and travel, but that it has been a pleasure to serve in her one-year term as Queen.

Nisa Garcia agreed.

“Yes, being royalty is a very time-consuming task, but I am really glad I did it,” Garcia said. “I have learned so much and met so many great people. It has been a terrific experience for me.”

Savannah Schreuder says she will miss being royalty, but that she looks forward to concentrating on other passions.

“It is sad that it is over, and it went by really fast,” Schreuder said. “But I will be able to devote more time to rodeo and my animals.”

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