Roses, anyone?

Christina McDaniel shows off the splendid colors of roses recently received at Southern Lilies Florist in Conifer. Southern Lilies Florist recently opened its doors, and is owned by three sisters who hale from Atlanta, Ga. The florist will be serving all of Park County, as well as southern portions of Jefferson County. (Photo by Kelly Kirkpatrick/The Flume)

Starting a profitable new business in a charming mountain community can be an alluring but challenging endeavor. If it were easily done, then almost certainly, everyone would be doing it.

Undeterred by those realities, three sisters from Georgia are hoping to beat the odds and come out smelling like roses with the launching of Southern Lilies Florist in Conifer, a new business recently opened by Melissa Rabb, Brandy Knott and Christina McDaniel.

The trio hails from Atlanta, Ga., where they owned a successful florist shop for many years before moving to Conifer.

And in terms of passion and expertise for all things floral, they seemingly have all the right stuff. In fact, listening to McDaniel discuss flowers conjures up memories of Forrest Gump on the subject of shrimp.

“We don’t know the market here yet like we did in Georgia, but we love beautiful flowers and we have a wide range of floral offerings,” McDaniel said.

“We have bouquets, corsages, wristlets, boutonnieres, vases of fresh cuts, centerpieces, outdoor bows, gift baskets, wreaths, sympathy arrangements, all sorts of silk arrangements, and more. We also deliver to South Jefferson and Park Counties.”

Southern Lilies Florist is open Monday through Saturday, and will deliver on Sundays even though the store itself is closed. Their flowers are flown in overnight, straight from growers in Miami, Fla.

“The colors are endless,” McDaniel remarked proudly with regards to the roses flown in from Miami. “I think we are in a great position to serve both South Jefferson and Park counties, and to become the favored provider of floral products in the area,” McDaniel said.

Southern Lilies has also partnered with Thunder Mountain Chocolates, a business located just next door, to combine the delicious-tasting chocolates with the vast assortment of floral products they offer.

“We are really excited about this partnership,” McDaniel said. “We offer bonbons by the dozen with our arrangements, and their products taste amazing”

Southern Lilies can be accessed online at, and is located at 11873 Springs Road, Suite 105, in Conifer. Southern Lilies can also be reached at 720-683-1830.

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