Mayor Frank Just says the Town of Fairplay prides itself  on providing an environment where businesses are free to pursue success and flourish within the bounds of municipal codes and regulations.

The mayor and Town of Fairplay Board of Trustees provided a working example of that claim at a regularly scheduled meeting July 6, as it spent the better part of a three-hour meeting discussing variances requested by Middlefork RV Park.

The first variance pertained to the erection of a 35-foot sign, and the second to a request by Middlefork RV Park to utilize additional spaces in the park for long-term rentals during the winter months.

The current Town of Fairplay codes regarding signage dictate that there be no signs of more than 25 feet in height. But because the Middlefork RV Park sits in a small valley, the proposed sign’s visibility is impeded from those traveling along U.S. Highway 285.

The Board of Trustees voted unanimously to allow the town to proceed in developing a variance to accommodate the 35-foot sign.

That measure included a condition that Middlefork RV Park provide the town with a detailed sketch of landscaping to be constructed at the base of the sign.

The board then considered the RV Park’s request to utilize additional spaces within the park for long-term rentals, and to utilize those spaces between the months of October-May.

The request was to utilize existing space previously designated for short-term rentals, and to change the designation of those spaces to allow for long-term rentals. No extra space or new construction is required within the framework of the request.

Again, the board unanimously consented to the measure and voted to move forward with developing the variance upon several conditions.

The most important condition, according to Mayor Just, was that the park do its part to protect town utilities by keeping water pipes on its property from freezing.

The board also asked that Middlefork RV Park maintain road access from 12th Street, which dead-ends into the property, and to perform punctual snow removal.

The variances will be provided to the board at its next regularly scheduled meeting, July 20, for final approval.

“As a local governmental entity, the Town of Fairplay tries not to hinder local businesses with codes or restrictions, but to work with them when we can to promote their best interests and their eventual success,” Frank said in a July 7 interview with The Flume. “We do our best to be fair to everyone.”

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