The Platte Canyon School Board discussed an uncertain financial future, a slight modification to the 2020-21 academic calendar and current plans for graduation May 11 at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Ashley Stephen, business services manager for the district, presented board members with two different versions of the 2020-21 Budget.

No budgetary decisions were made at the meeting, but Stephen did warn that economic impacts of the epidemic could be both immediate and long-term for the district. Stephen added that, while salaries and benefits are secure, some cuts to the budget were a real possibility.

Financial ramifications related to the viral pandemic are still somewhat unknown, and the use of two separate budgets for the board to consider is a direct result of that uncertainty, according to Stephen.

During the board’s review of the budget, according to PCSD Superintendent, Mike Schmidt, it was noted that the 2020-21 academic calendar included 173 days of student contact, rather than the targeted number of 172.

The board did not officially finalize their decision to modify the schedule with one less day of student contact, but collectively agreed that the most prudent solution was likely the addition of one extra day to spring break.

Schmidt also announced that Platte Canyon High School seniors and their families had been given the opportunity to vote on various options for graduation in light of current and future social distancing concerns.

“Our seniors voted overwhelmingly to wait and see if graduation can be held in late-June or July,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt added that seniors also decided against a “virtual prom,” and that event has been cancelled.

In other news, the district received bids on bleachers that are currently located near the football practice field. The winning bid was presented by Park County for $3010.00, and the bid was accepted by a unanimous vote by the board. Park County officials are purchasing the bleachers for future use at the annual Park County Fair.

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