Park County Public Library branches, Bailey, Fairplay, Guffey and Lake George, are alive, well, thriving, expanding services, and continuing to serve our communities with robust support from Park County government, grant funding, our dedicated 501(c)(3) friends groups, and generous private donors.

We steward these resources carefully to ensure “best use” honoring both our mission and the intention of our benefactors.

The mission of the Park County Public Libraries is to serve the community by providing lifelong learning, information, entertainment, recreational and artistic opportunities.

Each of our four branches has a faithful group of volunteers helping our libraries meet the needs, desires, and aspirations of their respective communities. Additionally, in the past year our Board of Trustees completed an updated five-year strategic plan, including facilities assessments, that clearly indicates a strong future for PCPL in the service of our communities.

In addition to books, audiobooks and DVDs to check out, some of our services include: virtual workforce centers, career online high school (scholarships for adults, 19 and older), over 500 course offerings through Universal Class, e-books, e-audiobooks, e-magazines, multiple databases, BrainHQ, Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant, and Mango Languages.

Do you need access to a computer or WIFI or a fax machine with a scanner? How about making copies or picking up your tax forms? Each branch makes available low-cost, gently used books and DVDs for sale. These sales support programming in the library. Check with your local branch for current programs and book clubs. Did you know piano and guitar lessons are Skyped at Fairplay Library?

Libraries serve as a community hub responding to each community’s unique needs, desires, and aspirations. Park County Public Libraries proudly serve our communities with joy and ever-expanding services and opportunities. Come check it out yourself.

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