Katie Spodyak

Katie Spodyak is looking to fill the comissioner’s seat for District One, being vacated by current comissioner Mike Brazell. Brazell is term-limited, and his seat will be open.

Dick Elsner, comissioner for District Two, will be running for another 4 year term.

Spodyak submitted the follow information to The Flume, and is being published in it’s entirity, in the same way we have published announcements from the other candidates.

Katie Spodyak

My name is Katie Spodyak and I am running for Park County commissioner for District One. I am fortunate to know many of you already and look forward to meeting many more of you in the future. I wanted to take this opportunity to share a little about me and why I am running for this important position in our county.

I have been married to my husband, Steve, for almost fourteen years. Steve works hard to protect our community in his role with the Sheriff’s Office. We both have a passion for public service. We are blessed to be raising our two boys in the same community we grew up in. Our sons attend Deer Creek Elementary.

Personally, I am very organized and I love numbers. I have a degree in business management from the University of Northern Colorado, having also taken many extra math and accounting classes. People closest to me know that I can be counted on to get a job done. I find myself drawn to roles where I can help make an organization thrive, and I love working with others to come up with creative solutions.

The Park County community is very important to me. I am a Park County native and feel blessed to live in the community where I grew up.

I currently serve as the president of Platte Canyon School District Board of Education. In 2017 I was re-elected to my second four-year term. I also was elected to serve as president of the Mount Evans Board of Cooperative Educational Services board (a co-op between Platte Canyon, Clear Creek and Gilpin School Districts).

During my time on the board, I have seen our school district go through many changes and really excel. I have worked hard to improve transparency and successfully find solutions with people who disagree with me, and continue to strive to improve myself and learn as much as I can.

My time on the school board has also provided me a great deal of experience in budgeting and government finance which is key in the role of county commissioner.

I also serve on the Platte Canyon Little League Board and have been a coach for many years. Previously, I was the coordinator for the Bailey Mothers of Preschoolers group and volunteered with Cub Scouts.

I actively volunteer in my church, the schools and community where I am able. I am a precinct person and am active in the Park County Republican Central Committee. In these roles, I have had the privilege of working with great people and have witnessed first-hand what a difference a few caring and dedicated people can make.

Professionally, I am an entrepreneur at heart. I have successfully started and grown businesses (specifically a cleaning business, insurance agency and real estate business).

These businesses have helped me gain a great deal of knowledge in different areas that will be beneficial in the role of county commissioner. They have also helped me gain strength and personal knowledge in finance and budgeting. As a realtor, I have become very familiar with property issues and land use regulations. I am well versed in the specific things unique to our rural county (wells, septics and water rights).

The District One seat is unique in Park County. The vote is county-wide, but a candidate must live in the district in which they are running. District One spans a good part of the eastern side of the county from north to south, only excluding residents north of U.S. Highway 285 on the Bailey side of the county.

This means that the commissioner for District One is responsible for representing residents in Bailey, Shawnee, Grant, Jefferson, Tarryall, Lake George, Guffey and over to Hartsel (and everyone in between).

I do not take this responsibility lightly. Park County is very large, and different communities have very different priorities and needs. The District One commissioner should recognize this, be familiar with the district, and be ready to thoughtfully consider all of these viewpoints when making decisions.

I am running as a Republican and have been a life-long Republican. I believe in making thoughtful decisions regardless of party affiliation, but find that my views and opinions generally fall into the conservative standpoint.

Property rights, public safety (first responders), mental health and increasing revenue (not residents’ taxes) are the main topics I am passionate about. I believe that continuing to improve these main areas of focus will help Park County and our residents thrive.

Voters in Park County are fortunate to have multiple candidates to choose from (four for District One at the time I write this). It will be each voter’s responsibility to choose the candidate whom they feel is most qualified, and will best represent them when making impactful decisions. This article gives me the opportunity to share a small snapshot about me, but I also encourage you to reach out to me personally with any questions you have.

Please watch for announcements on my website (http://www.katieforcommissioner.com) and also follow my social media pages (linked on my website) to learn more about me and also see upcoming events and how you can help. If you aren’t on social media, feel free to email me, at info@katieforcommissioner.com. I would be happy to visit with you.

I will be collecting signatures to help me get on the primary ballot. If you are willing to sign my petition (you may only sign for one District One candidate), please let me know so we can connect.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration. If elected, I assure you that I will work hard to make thoughtful decisions to positively impact the people of Park County.

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