Bailey Day 2020 Cancelled

The always popular and well-attended Bailey Day, which takes place annually in downtown Bailey, has fallen victim to the coronavirus pandemic and will not be held this year over health and safety concerns. (Photo by Walter L. Newton/The Flume)

The Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce announced that Bailey Day has been officially cancelled.

“Sadly, we determined at our last meeting that we will have to cancel Bailey Day this summer,” Tim Gregg said.

“We would love for the town to get together and have some fun, just like we do every summer at Bailey Day. But we just can’t count on it being safe to do so right now.”

Gregg added that planning for Bailey Day generally begins in November.

When Gregg recently joined the PCACC, his expectation was that he would be acting in the role of Director of Area Development.

Instead, at least for now, he is immersed in the procurement of protective face masks and the dissemination of information as to how local businesses should proceed in light of relaxed social distancing measures.

“What’s going to happen very soon, is that tourists are going to start coming here from other areas that have been highly affected by the coronavirus,” Gregg said.

“So right now I am assisting businesses with occupancy posters, and also assisting in the distribution of masks, not just to chamber members and business owners, but to the entire community.”

More specifically, Gregg and others at the chamber are working diligently on a program called “Safely Opened,” which includes specific guidelines as to how businesses can open their doors to the public while also being mindful of health and safety concerns.

“We are producing and distributing occupancy posters to local business owners,” Gregg said.

“Those posters will be prominently displayed to communicate how many customers can be safely accommodated in particular businesses at any given time. Businesses will also ask that customers wear masks, and to practice social distancing measures.”

The PCACC has also made considerable financial donations to the Life Bridge Food Pantry, as well as financial contributions for the procurement of masks.

“One thing I think is very important to recognize is that many businesses around town are keeping their doors open, despite the fact that they are really struggling,” Gregg said.

“In other words, many of them are still open not to make huge profits, but rather, to keep serving their communities. I think that is something all of us should be aware of.”

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