Park County courthouse

A murder case that occurred in Park County more than six years ago has resulted in the arrest of James Kevin Aden, a resident of Iowa.

Aden appeared in court via a video conference Tuesday for an advisement meeting before Park County Court Judge Brian Green.

Aden will be formally charged before 11th Judicial District Judge, Stephen A. Groome, with the murder of his brother, John Aden, at a hearing set by Judge Green for May 18.

The case came to the attention of the Park County Sheriff’s Office in 2014, when a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer discovered the victim’s skull and mandible while hiking near Tarryall Reservoir. No official investigation occurred at that time due to an inability to identify the victim, but the case was recently reopened by Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw.

“I assigned the case to Greg Kimsey, one of our detectives,” McGraw said. “He put together one hell of a good case, got a warrant signed, and had James Aden arrested in Iowa and transported back here to Park County.”

According to McGraw, Park County Coroner David Kintz also played a vital role in the investigation with the use of DNA samples and some detective work of his own.

“David did great work to get the victim identified,” McGraw said. “And he also contacted people in Colorado Springs who knew the victim, and that was a huge help. We’ve got a great case, and I’m sure justice will prevail.”

Aden is currently being held without bail at the Park County Jail in Fairplay.

Ashley McCuaig, prosecuting attorney and chief district attorney for the 11th Circuit, requested that protective orders be placed upon all named witnesses, Aden’s remaining siblings, and all of his family members. Judge Green opted to allow contact between Aden and his siblings but instructed the defendant that he was not to harass or intimidate any potential witnesses.

The defendant also inquired personally as to whether the May 18 hearing would be in-person, or conducted via a video conference. Judge Green said he did not know, but he assured Aden that his rights would be protected regardless of the format.

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