Masked runners

The Fitzsimmons Middle School cross country team poses for at the race course on the Rosalie property. (Photo courtesy Fitzsimmons Middle School)

Fitzsimmons Middle School Huskies competed in the Husky Invitational Saturday Aug. 29. The meet was held at the Rosalie Property.

First-year Kevin McNamee is the new cross country coach. He is head of custodian services.

The meet was limited to 100 runners. 50 boys and 50 girls.

The Huskies have 10 boys and six girls on the team. The girls are sixth graders Whitney Amos, Emily Blackburn and Jaydin Eos, and seventh graders Claire Byrne, Noah Heineman and Miram Grover. The boys are sixth graders Rowan Bailey, Trent Smith and Jack Walsh; seventh graders Dristen Hernandez. Ben Bezzant, Bennett Poinatoski and James Seaver; and eighth graders are Gavin Blackburn, Isaiah Salvey and Canyon Addison.

The course was 2.4 miles long. A total of 15 girls were in the meet. Denver Eagles, Westminster Academy, Lake County and FMS ran for the boys. There were three girls teams, Westminster Academy, Lake County and FMS.

The girls finished third and the boys second.

For the girls, Miram Grover was eighth with a time of 26:11. Claire Byrne was  right behind her in ninth with a time of 26:15. Emily Blackburn was 15th with a time of 33:20. 

“Honestly with the state of the world, we expected a few more hiccups then usual,” Coach Kevin McNamee said. “However, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way the meet turned out. The athletes, parents and staff all did a great job honoring these new covid regulations. To the best of their ability, and in turn the students all got to participate, especially the FMS Huskies-we can’t wait for the rest of the cross country season.”

“The FMS cross country meet was a success and ran smoothly,” FMS athletic director Jamie Trusa said. “Everyone wore masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and we showed that sports could still happen safely.” Trusa was also the meet starter.

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