House fire and criminal investigation

A house fire on 2 Granada Way in Pine, Feb. 18, resulted in unintended consequence of an arrest warrant being issued for one of the tenants in the house. (Photo by Kelly Kirkpatrick/The Flume)

In the early hours of Feb. 18, a fire started in a house on 2 Granada Way in Pine, part of the Woodside subdivision, which was followed by a heroic rescue of a six-year-old boy by an off-duty Platte Canyon Fire Protection District fireman, and then the unintended consequence of an arrest warrant being issued for one of the tenants of the house.

Jessica Lynn and Jordan Austen Cantrell were renting the house. Along with their son, they moved into the house in April of 2016. After the fire, an investigation of the property by the Park County Sheriff’s Office discovered an illegal marijuana grow and numerous other illegal drugs in the house.


According to information from the PCFPD, at about 6:30 a.m. that Monday morning, off-duty PCFPD firefighter Kyle Chavez, 21, called 911 to report a structure fire that was near his home in the Woodside subdivision. Jefferson County dispatch called Elk Creek Fire Protection District to respond to the scene, and Fairplay dispatch sent PCFPD as mutual aid.

The house is in Park County, but located within the ECFPD’s coverage area.

North Fork Fire Protection District was also called to the fire. In total, eight fire engines and tenders and one ambulance responded to the scene.

After calling 911, Chavez rushed to the burning house to see if anyone at the residence needed help. He found that there was no one outside of the structure, so he began to knock on doors and windows, in an attempt to alert anyone who may have been inside.

Jessica Cantrell, a tenant in the house, exited the burning building on her own. Chavez heard a child screaming from within the house, and he ran into the house, found a six-year-old male child and carried the boy to safety.

Chavez was not wearing any personal protective gear, and had to navigate to the child, staying low on the floor and following the sound of the child’s voice. Three family dogs also exited the structure.

Investigators determined the fire was accidental, caused by improperly disposed ashes from the fireplace, which started the fire. A propane tank near the barbecue area of the back porch exploded during the fire and was heard around the neighborhood.

Arrest warrant

PSCO found an illegal marijuana grow consisting of 41 plants, which is above the legal limit of 12 plants for a private individual. PCSO also found cocaine in the house and a supply of psilocybin mushrooms.

In a phone conversation with Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw, he said an arrest warrant was issued for Jessica Cantrell and consisted of the following charges:

Marijuana possession with the intent to sell (first degree felony); possession of marijuana – illegal land use (third degree felony); cultivation of marijuana in excess of 12 plants (third degree felony); possession of cocaine (fourth degree felony); possession of psilocybin (fourth degree felony) and child abuse (exposing the child to illegal drugs in the house, second degree misdemeanor).

When The Flume went to press, Jessica Cantrell had not been arrested, and currently there are no warrants issued for her husband Jordan Cantrell.

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