There are three Park County residents running for Park County Assessor in the June 26 primary. In order to give these candidates a voice, The Flume is letting the candidates speak for themselves with statements that have been compiled from Facebook pages, candidates websites and/or emails to The Flume.

Unaffiliated candidates can petition, with signatures, for inclusion in the general election after the primary, so the slate of candidate’s may increase before the general elections.

Monica Jones

My husband and I have lived in Park County for over 30 years. We have raised three children here and been involved in both the Bailey and Fairplay communities.

I was an assistant coach for high school sports, taught Sunday school at church, was president of my HOA for five years and have been active in local and county-wide politics.

I have a degree in business and have worked for the State of Colorado for the last six and a half years. My last position was as a finance and policy analyst for the Department of Human Services. I recently left that position in order to campaign full time and devote the time needed to researching and studying the requirements, statutes and responsibilities of the County Assessor position.

I have an extensive background in bookkeeping, business operations, management and construction.

If you trust me with your vote, I will: Serve the citizens of Park County through fiscally responsible use of taxpayer funds and conservative values.

Guarantee transparency through open and honest communication.

Provide fair and equitable assessment for all Park County properties.

Have designated office hours and work directly with the public to answer questions and solve problems.

Offer continued education to staff and training for industry standards.

What I’m about: I believe in individual initiative and personal responsibility and will serve Park County using my experience as a business owner.

The skills I have acquired from this position and my State of Colorado business manager and regional manager positions allow me to develop and monitor a fiscally conservative budget. I can analyse trends to look for discrepancies in assessment of residential and commercial properties and lead a team of people inclusive in decisions and direction for the County Assessor’s Office.

These positions have also afforded me the ability to work with a diverse group of people, from all walks of life, and come to mutually beneficial solutions to complex problems.

The experience I have acquired as a finance and policy analyst for the state has taught me how to develop the most efficient way to follow the legal guidelines set forth by state statutes and research how this can be of benefit to the citizens of Park County.

Dave Wissel

It has been my honor to serve as Park County Assessor for the past 37 years. I ask you to allow me the humble privilege to serve for another term. I truly love my job and this county. I would appreciate your support, petition signature and vote! Without you, I cannot continue my conservative, consistent and common-sense leadership to the citizens and taxpayers of Park County.

I was appointed Park County assessor in October 1980 and first elected to office in 1982. I obtained my appraisal credentials in 1990. I began employment at the Park County Assessor’s Office as an entry-level staffer after moving here 40+ years ago to pursue music – I am, to my core, a drummer! I was given an opportunity to advance and have made the most of it every single day.

My goal has always been to operate the best assessor’s office in Colorado. Our staff has over 114 years of total combined experience. We have strategically recruited and developed our expertise in-house. All our appraisers are licensed or certified by law. “Fair, Uniform and Equitable Appraisals, Within the Law” for all is our base principle.

I am honored to have been involved in four State Supreme Court Cases. For two of those cases, I was a witness at the District Court level. I was the principle witness for a published Court of Appeals Case, which protected taxpayer rights. Each of these issues was important to our County, the Upper South Platte Basin and a matter of statewide concern.

The bottom line is results! My record of service to Park County and our community is clear. I am responsible for everything in my office. I am proud to be a “multiplier” who has developed and enhanced my co-workers’ capabilities and experiences. With the Code of the West as my compass, I have dedicated my life to the betterment of this County – to ride for the Park County brand. Let’s work together for smaller government at every level.

Terry Berry

(The Flume made a number of attempts to contact Berry, with no response. He doesn’t have a Facebook page or website for his campaign. The following comment is from a message he posted, March 30, on the social media site “My Mountain Town.” No picture was available at time of publication.)

I am a candidate for Park County assessor and wanted to share a bit of background on me. My wife and I moved to Park County from New Mexico as we wanted more mountains and more snow. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and a Master of Social Work from Tulane University.

I am currently retired after over 40 years working in mental health. I am running for office to continue a lifetime of public service. I am interested in the assessor’s office because I believe property assessments should be fair and unbiased. I also believe voters should have a choice. Therefore I am offering myself as a candidate.

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