Red, white and Bailey campaign

Terry Calhoun, owner of Thunderbird Creations in Bailey, stands under one of the new flags that were handed out to Bailey businesses as part of the Red, White and Bailey community project. (Photo by Kelly Kirkpatrick/The Flume)

Often, ideas worth pursuing are born out of passion.

That seems to be the case with the inception of Red, White and Bailey, a community project recently launched to show thanks and gratitude to veterans and first responders of Park County.

Carrie Marsh, who is heading up the project, explained how a Bailey veteran’s passing suggestion sparked an idea that has seemingly caught fire and has drawn enthusiastic support from business owners, volunteers, local veterans and local residents as a whole.

“Jimmy Schutten, a veteran and Bailey resident, commented that it would be really neat to have an abundance of American flags flying throughout Bailey,” Marsh said. “Enough flags flying as to really make an impression as people drop into town over Crow Hill.”

Schutten also backed his suggestion with a $1,000 donation for flags, as well as the erection of a plaque at the Bailey Community Center which is to read: “Dedicated to the veterans and first responders of Park County by a grateful community.”

The community’s collective response to Schutten’s idea was notable early Saturday morning, June 15, as American flags flew prominently outside of businesses and restaurants in downtown Bailey.

The gently fluttering flags, liberally dispersed throughout town, contributed nicely to the festive atmosphere as large crowds assembled for the ceremonious shotgun starts to both the HUNDO and HUNDiTo Mountain Bike Races.

Once can only imagine that the volume of flags around town will also serve as ideal décor July 4.

“Matt Dambrowsky and Timm Gregg have also been very generous with their time helping to get the program off the ground,” Marsh said. “This could not have been done without their help, either.”

For more information about Red, White and Bailey, call Carrie Marsh at 303-838-7802, or email

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