Balloon on right has a special message from McKai Flint’s cousin, Taylor Royer (Photo by Amy Flint, McKai’s mother)

Last year on 02/20/2017, our hearts were broken and our world was shattered when our son, brother, and friend, McKai Flint committed suicide. When this happens, everyone is affected in SO many ways. The ripple effect it has on a community is far reaching. We felt SO overwhelmed and devastated, yet our community, family and friends wrapped around us immediately and we knew we were supported and McKai had been loved.

We held a Memorial Service for McKai with the generosity of South Park Schools, in the Multi-purpose room, anticipating a guess of 150 attendees. We were amazed to see more than 300 in attendance - standing room only! This is an example of how we all touch one another and even when we feel alone, we are NOT!

Throughout this past year, we have had so much support from our community. During our time of grieving, we were surrounded by emotional, food and financial support that has carried us through this year!

We would like to say, Thank You on this anniversary, to All of our family, friends and community for your support!

This IS Community! Obviously,this is not an exhaustive list, we truly appreciate all who have touched our lives! Thank you to McKai’s friends, who knew and loved him! We miss McKai and Love our Community!

Sincerely with great appreciation,

Amy and Heather Flint

If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741

  • John Meyer
  • Tamara Spano
  • Bruce Phillips
  • Charleen and Chris Hackett & Family
  • Jenifer and Tim Millonzi
  • Anne Courcier and Mark Holderman
  • JB Katz
  • Jane and Ron Newman
  • Lisa and Steve Ross & Family
  • Debi and Andre Greaux & Family
  • Kathleen and Frank Hayden
  • Karen Bohl
  • Marian and Rick LaReno
  • Linda and Jesse Goodwin & Family
  • Angel and Wes Welch & Family
  • Karin Horton & Family
  • Robin and Mark Royer & Family
  • Bobbie and Jimmy Windham & Family
  • Neil Atha
  • Ray Harper
  • Sandy and Jud Weece & Family
  • Becky and Tom DeBonis & Family
  • Teresa and Dickie Carpenter & Family
  • Monica and Ray Douglas & Family
  • Kathleen and Dave Wilson & Family
  • Julian Daknis/Split Window & Family
  • Faith Crawford & Kevin Danzig
  • Kris Clark & Family
  • Charlie & Carolyn Schultz
  • Lisa Langlois & Family
  • Julie and Scott Bullock & Family
  • Amy Mattox and Family
  • Mariah Hildreth/Frisco Copy Copy
  • Kodee Buck
  • Lori Slifka
  • Peter Lubin
  • Amy and Bob Sheets & Family
  • Ginger Grissom
  • Sandy and Ernie Dumas
  • Kimbrough, Karla, Vanessa Johns and Kaela Flint
  • Marti Babson
  • Stephen and Cathy Groome & Family
  • Veronica, Jeff, Remington & Tristan Bodnar
  • Monte and Bobbie Gore & Family
  • Mark and Sheila Lamb & Family
  • Brian and Kim Green
  • Bill and Valerie Fikejs & Family
  • Pinki Flowers
  • Kristie Gould & Family
  • Deb Kelly & Family
  • Jodi Kirkpatrick
  • Julie Johnson & Family
  • Megan Permakoff
  • Nikkowa Wright
  • Gretchen Panicucci
  • Lisa and John Projaska & Family
  • Kristen Prol
  • Jim Ryan
  • Spencer Shirley & Family
  • Jenifer and Eric Witzak
  • Mark & Tina White
  • Wendy and Joe Bresnahan & Family
  • Judy and Mark Benson & Family
  • Sandy Solomon
  • Park County Communications
  • Annie Arrellano/Maria & Tim Mitchell and staff
  • Park County Sheriff’s Department
  •    Greg Kimsey and responding deputies
  • Park County Coroner’s Office
  • David Kintz/Don Comstock/Paula Goodro
  • Park County Victims Services
  •    Patty Lucy and MaryPat Bowen
  • Kent Funeral Home
  • South Park Activities Association
  • School District Re-2
  • Park County
  • Park County Department of Human Services
  • Park Alliance for Young Children
  • Park County Pre-School
  • Teller/Park Early Childhood Council
  • Town of Fairplay
  • Town of Alma
  • Fairplay Police Department
  • Northwest Fire Department
  •    Jefferson/Como Fire Department
  •    Hartsel Fire Department
  •    Red White and Blue Fire Department
  •    Summit County Sheriff’s Department
  • South Park Chamber of Commerce
  • Annie and John Linnehan & Family
  • Janet Kubetschek & Family
  • Robin and Greg Bode & Family
  • Joyce and John Voskamp & Family
  • Kim Castellano
  • Debbie and Dan Miller & Family
  • Cindy Bear, Alex Caperton & Family
  • Eric Bear
  • Laurence Burnett & Family
  • Nancy Jirka
  • Bryan and Cindy Shane & Family
  • Becky Landwehr
  • Vicky and Charlie Dinges & Family
  • Tracy & Dave Edstrom & Family
  • Arthur and Carol Hilbish & Family
  • Rachel and Mark Edwards & Family
  • BJ North
  • Mark, Penny and Dakota Gabbert
  • Laura and Joe Wedow
  • Barbie and Don McBee & Family
  • Sommer and Nate Fiedler & Family
  • Carrie and Mark Attaway
  • Kim and Chip Wittbrot
  • Greg Jones
  • Carla and Todd Scholl and Family
  • Lisa Kunst & Family
  • Jeff Meyers and Teresa Milewski
  • Jamie and Will Morrow & Family
  • Josh Angelo
  • Kersten Perkins
  • Aspen Pointe Mental Health
  • Nicole Reed, Mike Knudsen & Family
  • Les and Janine Snyder
  • Kristina and Paul Unbehagen & Family
  • TBK Bank
  • Bridget Camaletti
  • Curtis Talbott
  • Jenni and Mark January & Family
  • Jean and Jack Ferrance

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