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Park County Search & Rescue supervisor Daniel Knudsen spoke with a sense of urgency during a Jan. 10 avalanche workshop sponsored by the Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative and held at the Alma Town Hall.

That sense of urgency stems from having been on hundreds of backcountry rescue missions where victims simply did not have the necessary knowledge or awareness to safely negotiate backcountry challenges such as avalanches. Read more

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To all of you who have committed to the broadband project so far, thank you very much for your participation. The grant proposal was submitted to the Colorado Broadband Deployment Board on Monday, Jan. 03. We are now in a 60-day comment period, following which the board will decide who will …

According to Vincent Tolpo, there used to be an event called Last Saturday Coffeehouse held at the Shawnee Community Center. And according to him, it sometimes captured large audiences and always featured local entertainers across a variety of genres.

It’s that time of year again: To break your resolutions, replenish your hot chocolate supply, and research and apply for scholarships.

Members of the Platte Canyon Fire Protection District are attempting to alarm the entire community.


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There is seemingly no place like home for the South Park Burros boys’ basketball team. The Burros, currently 4-4 on the season, have won three of four games at home, while losing three of four games on the road.

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